Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're Home !

Praise God we were able to get a bulkhead seat with a bassinet on our ride home. Twelve hour plane rides  with a baby go much smoother with a bassinet. Maggie did so good and was able to get a four hour undistubed nap in. I was so releived when the plane landed !

Maggie loves her bed ! She has slept a lot since we've been home and we are not sure how to get her off China time and on to Alabama time.

Walker and Will ADORE and LOVE Maggie ! Walker got up at 1;30 AM with me to play with her and he has made her bottles and played with her all day. Will is in awe of his baby sister. He loves her so much and just wants to be with her all the time. Both boys fuss over Maggie and take tuns rocking and playing with her. They can't get enough of their baby sister. It is the sweetest thing and my heart is swelling with happiness.

We are all so content now. I have so much to write about as I reflect on our trip to China and the miracle of Maggie. But, I will have to write about that later...gotta go to bed. Jetlag stinks !!
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TanyaLea said...

WELCOME HOME!! I love seeing your family together like that! :)

Get rest while you can. I hear that jetlag recoup is a tuff one!

Again, CONGRATS and thanks for letting us 'follow' along on your journey. Can't wait til it's our turn!! ;)


Mama Hen said...

Kathy, I have been reading your updates the whole time you have been gone. She is just too precious and it is so sweet how the boys are loving on her.

Take this time and sit back and enjoy her. Cuddle all you can. She is adorable!

Hope-ful said...

YYAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! You're home. I'm so bummed my time slot (1st Sun Nite) for food got bumped because that was when I was planning on seeing Maggie (and you guys). I am so anxious to see you all, please call me when you are rested so we can come over. We have to wait until I see what is wrong with Chris though. He woke me up at 5:30am with sore throat and fever. Boy, it sure is a different thing when your big tall 16 year old young man wakes you up compared to when they are 8. It still feels good to know they need me. I guess that never stops. ANYWAY! Glad you are back and if I haven't heard from you by Tuesday, I'M CALLING!!! Luv, Hope-ful

Jodee Leader said...

Welcome home! Sweet pictures of the kids!

Waiting For Bella said...

Welcome home my Friend!! I have so enjoyed your travels. Rest up and then I want to hear all about them and Maggie. So glad your home!

Gavin's Family said...

Your kiddos look so ADORABLE all together!!!
So glad the flight went well and your all home.
I'm sure the boys were so excited to see you and Chuck also.
I would love to hear about you trip and get some ideas from you when you get all rested up. Our agency says we are some where between 6 and 12 weeks from travel. So I'm planning (what I can) like a mad mama now to not stress right before we leave.

Debbie said...

Welcome Home! I'm so glad you are back safe & sound. Glad to hear Maggie did well on the flight. We will continue to pray for you as you all adjust. Hugs.......

Krisan said...

Everyone at EAMC has been checking your blog every day and we are so glad to hear you are HOME! Cute pictures, as always. So happy for ya'll!

Trish said...

I always love to see families bring their new little ones home! Congrats!

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