Saturday, November 28, 2009

Updates on Maggie and new pictures

We used LADYBUGSNLOVE and received these adorable pictures of Maggie.

We also sent her a care package that had a letter we wrote to the Orphanage director introducing our family and thanking him for taking care of our girl, a photo book of our family to show to Maggie, a toy and soft blanket and nuts/candy for the nannies.

We also asked ten questions and got updated measurements.

1. What kind of food is she eating and how much ?

About 300ml of Long Dan formula mixed with rice cereal along with meat broth or other food.

2. Does she use a bottle or a cup ?


3.What is her daily routine ?

She enjoys activities in the morning, afternoon as evening every day. She takes a bath around 4:00pm.

4. How would you describe her personality ?

She is lively.

5. What are her favorite activities ?

To play with other children.

6. Does she have a special friend or a crib mate ?


7. What is her sleeping/feeding routine ?

Sleeping: 12:00-2:00pm, 8:30pm-6:30am.

Feeding: 7:00am; 11:00am; 3:00pm; 7:30pm.

8.What makes her angry or upset ?

When she is frightened.

9. Who found her and was there a note left with her when she was found ?

She was sent to our institute by policeman. There was no note or other things with her.

10.Is she close to a particular Nanny ? What is this Nanny's name ?

Zhou Xiao Rong, Feng Yi Fen, Zhang Xue, Liu Xue Ling, and Feng Quan Hua.

11. Her updated measurements:

Height: 29.1 in; Weight: 19.8 lbs; Head: 16.5 in; Chest: 17.3 in; Teeth: 6; Foot: 4.7 in.

12. Did she receive the care package we sent to her? Did she like it?

Yes, she got it and loves it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to yours.

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” 
II Corinthians 9:15

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maggie's Room

I made these white, tissue-paper pom poms to hang over Maggie's crib.  I needed something to help fill up this huge wall.  They are really cuter in person than in the picture.
 (I still would love her name painted or vinyl letters above the crib.)

This was my husbands rocker when he was little.  My mother-in-law painted it white and stenciled the little lambs.  The boys have really enjoyed it over the years.
It has been so fun to fill her room up with dolls and toys.  Walker and Will bought Maggie the little white bunny and I ordered the Corolle Calin Yang doll.  She is so cute and soft and smells like vanilla.

I made these "curtains" for Maggie's diaper changing table. 
They were Shabby Chic Target shower curtains. 
 I cut them off and hemmed them, hung them by rhinestone shower hooks and Voila - a magical play area for our little girl

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Her crib is just waiting for her. I have a stack of soft blankets and cute sheets ready.
Another doll I ordered, The Stella Doll, is adorable.
  It came with a magnetic pacifier that attaches to her mouth ( and it's the softest doll).
  (I have a little obsession with soft dolls.)

We spend a lot of time playing in Maggie's room now.  It's a fun,bright place to be !
The boys love just sitting in her room and I find myself just sitting there too.

Our Article 5 was approved and sent to the CCAA yesterday.  Yippee !!
Our TA will be coming soon !!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No news

Today is three months and 4 days since we first saw our sweet Maggie's face and said YES !!!! to her referral.

We are still waiting on our TA ( travel approval) to come in.  I have become a little obsessed  busy with checking my e-mail, snail mail, and Rumor Queen. I would love any, ANY, bit of news that would tell me when I am going to get on a BIG OL' JET AIRLINER.

My guess at this moment would be that we will leave on Dec. 31rst.  But, at this point, it's anyone's guess....

So, anyone want to play the "When are Chuck and Kathy going to China" game ?
Go ahead, take a guess.
It will be fun !

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebrating Maggie !

Last Sunday, I was given the Most Fabulous Baby Shower for Maggie.  I was so overwhelmed by all the food, beautiful decorations, fun adoption games and presents !

 It was my desire to celebrate Maggie with friends and family before we left for China. There was possibly no celebration at Maggie's birth, no baby shower or blessings given.  I can't wait for Maggie to watch the video and see the pictures from this shower.
 She was celebrated in such a festive,blessed, Southern way !

My very talented friend Allie made this photo board of Maggie.  I love it !!

These are just SOME of the incredible ladies who helped put the shower together.

Maggie's first Lovie !

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A very beautiful sweet dress. I can not wait to see our girl in it !

Maggie's first purse - a  very cute patchwork, zebra purse.
  Oh !!! I love it !

My sweet friend, Malissa, is knitting a dress for Maggie.  It is made of the softest yarn and the prettiest blue.

I had a hard time trying to find the right words to express my gratitude for all the beautiful presents I received for Maggie.  How do you express your heart when it is overflowing with thankfulness ? I could feel so much LOVE from everyone.  It was like the BEST Christmas or Birthday party I ever had !  So, Thank you, from the deepest part of my heart - for celebrating Maggie and for your prayers.

Now, I am ready to go to China or I think I will bust !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks Ida !

Dear Hurricane Ida,
You have dumped a lot of rain on us today. Our yard used to be nice and green and dry. But not today !

 The boys have enjoyed all the rain !

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They have always wanted their very own lazy river !

Monday, November 9, 2009

A poem for Maggie

A dear friend of mine,Wanda, awoke at 2 AM this morning with our family and our waiting daughter, Maggie, on her mind. She just could not sleep and went to the kitchen and wrote this poem.
It is beautiful and healing to me.  It describes our journey and heart for Maggie and her journey and heart for us and of course God's plan for all of us.

Maggie Caroline

I was found at the intersection of life and death,
Only hours after taking my first life giving breath.

Found by strangers not knowing what to do, I was placed
In an orphanage while I waited for you.

God's angels took me into their care, they fed me and
Clothed me as I waited there.

From morning til evening God held me in His heart,
Knowing I was yours right from the start.

When God looked into my parent's souls, He said, my
Children don't worry, I will love her and make her whole.

As God's eyes searched the whole world through,
He saw the heart of Walker and Will, too.

With brothers to protect her and lots of love to share,
He could place His tiny daughter in their loving care.

So when you see the Beams' together and there's five instead of four,
You'll know their hearts expanded and God opened up a door.

A door that leads to life and love and so much more,
For parents who will follow God to any distant shore.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Orphan Sunday 2009

Today is Orphan Sunday.
All across the world, People are speaking up for the Fatherless.
Today, the orphans voice is being heard and lives will be changed, children will be adopted and God's people will make a difference.

Chuck and I shared our heart for Orphans today at church.

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God truly gave us the words to speak.
We pray that people all over the world open their eyes and their heart to care for the children who have no family.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Living History

Today, we visited Fort Toulouse-Fort Jackson State Historic park for Alabama Frontier Day.
We love learning about history through reenactments- called Living History.
The boys learned a lot about life in Alabama in the 18-19th century and even "met" Andrew Jackson and Davey Crockett

The French fort, Fort Toulouse, is a re-creation of the last or 3rd French fort built between 1749 and 1751, and is a National Historic Landmark.
The American fort, Fort Jackson, is built on the site of the original fort in 1814.  
It is nestled between the Coosa and Tallapoosa Rivers and is scattered with beautiful Water Oak trees filled with Spanish moss.

This is the La Compagnie Franche de la Marine du Fort Toulouse, a living history organization dedicated to researching, recreating, and reenacting the everyday life of the French Marines, their families, and the Native allies. They reenacted a military training exercise and fired their musket's.

A 1750's French Marine jacket - Very Handsome

Native American Reenactors representing many different Indian Tribes
They performed a ceremonial Indian dance around a fire.

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A Magician reenactor entertaining the boys.  They were amazed at his tricks !
Notice the beautiful two hundred year old water oak with Spanish moss in the background .
 This place is Amazing and so is Home Schooling !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Ideas

So, Stefanie from Ni Hao Y'all has a little fun Christmas Linky party going on. You can post about Great Christmas present ideas and we all can share. Sounds great to me, because we will probably be in China at Christmas time and I need to get shopping !!!

Here are some present ideas for ages 6-12
My boys would LOVE these !!!

Amphibious Remote-Controlled Tank from Vision Forum


Age Range: 8 Years and Older
This Super Power 4-Wheel Drive Amphibious Chariot storms across sand, grass, or concrete, and—with a touch of button—effortlessly transitions from land to sea as the wheels fold in and the propellers power-up, transforming it from a fast battle tank to a amphibious combat vehicle in a matter of seconds! This all-terrain, remote-controlled vehicle also features an onboard cannon which launches airsoft bbs up to one hundred feet. From Land Tiger to Water Dragon, this is the ultimate toy war machine!

Detective Communicator Watches (2-Pack) from Vision Forum

Age Range: 12 Years and Older

These lightweight, two-way communicator watches are a great tool for staying in touch with your fellow operatives in the field. Whether you’re on a commando raid or a black-ops reconnaissance mission, you can quickly signal your partner with the latest find or directive concerning your maneuvers. Fully functional as both a digital watch and two-way radio, these sleek units are designed for immediate use in your stealth adventures. Features include: auto squelch, internal VOX, backlit LCD display, lithium ion battery power source, 12 hour AM/PM wristwatch, and an adjustable band. Range up to 1.5 miles. Multi-channel functionality. The perfect tool for coordinating your covert operations. Set of 2.

Fun Ride Super-Z Zip Line from Vision Forum
( I have always wanted one of these )
Age Range: 6 Years and Older

Grasping the handle of his Zip Line, your adventurer can soar off into the air on a wire stretched from tree to tree, down the slope, defying gravity in his ride to the end of the line. With a cable length of 90 feet and a weight limit of 250 lbs., the Fun Ride Super-Z Zip Line will be a long lasting favorite for the whole family. The cable is made of steel-stranded aircraft wire and has a super tough, resilient trolley to create a smooth, swift ride. Your set will come with a mounting platform design plan, tensioning device for easy setup, and a one-year limited warranty for endless hours of outdoor fun. So, hang on, take a big breath, and fly!

Jonathan Park Goes to the Aquarium from Vision Forum

(4 CDs)

My boys (and I) love listening to the Jonathan Park series. We have almost all of them, except the new ones. We have all learned so much about science and it helps make long trips enjoyable
( without watching movies !). I really love these !!!
In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. Psalm 5:3
We have a daughter !!!!!!
Maggie Caroline was born Oct. 29, 2008.
She is in the SWI of Gaozhou City,China.
Guangdong Province)