Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chen Temple and Tea House

Yesterday, we went to the Chen Temple in Guangzhou. It is really a
museum and has a lot of wood carvings and gardens. The people of
Guangdong Province ( where Maggie is from) are known for their wood
carving and embroidary skills. We also saw some venders selling real
Tiger paws. I am not sure what you would do with them - but they were
very interesting. We did buy some almonds and raisens from a street
vender and they were yummy, especially with a coke !
Next, we went to a tea house and they taught us all how to make
traditional Chinese Tea. My favorite was the rose tea. Some of the
families decided to go out to eat last night and we went to a
Malaysian Restaurant. It was wonderful ! We were all so happy with
what we ordered. My favorite was Coconut rice and Vietnamese spring
rolls. Maggie did so good yesterday. She was so content all day and
just played happily in her high chair at the restaurant. Once we got
to the hotel she went right to sleep ( after her bottle). We've
noticed that she is NOT that happy in the morning and takes a good nap
after breakfast. After her nap though, she is much happier and
The cute little boy pushing Maggie in her stroller is Rhet. He is so
busy and loves to push Maggie's stroller.


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TanyaLea said...

It's nice to hear how content Maggie is becoming... more and more each day! PTL!! :) And that photo of little Rhet pushing her around in her stroller is just too cute!

It won't be long now, and you'll be on your flight back home. Enjoy these final moments in your daughter's home land!!


Debbie said...

So happy for you all! Maggie sure is cute. I'm so excited to be there in such a short time. Praying for you as your finish up the trip.

In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. Psalm 5:3
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