Monday, January 4, 2010

Still in China !

We went to Shamian Island yesterday for the day. The weather was
beautiful and sunny, and a perfect day to stroll around the island.
There are some beautiful gardens near the water and it's so nice to
see trees and flowers.
The island is just about 20 minutes from our hotel, and it's very
relaxed. There are many little shops there with everything from Jade
to chop sticks. Chuck had a fun time bargaining with the local shop
owners. The Chinese shop owners expect you to bargain with them and
it's kind of the norm on the island. We ate lunch at Lucy's again.
Chuck got a hamburger and I got a BLT. Two other families ate their
too and I felt like we were actually on a vaction in Florida not in
China. Maggie loves to shop and is so content strolling around in her
stroller. She doesn't fuss a lot and likes to be outside. We saw
some cats in the garden and she loved watching them !
She is still getting used to us and we are starting to see her
personality. Maggie is very laid back and sweet. She loves to cuddle
up with a little stuffed animal bear and give it kisses. Her other
favorite toy is the little pink duckie I brought. She is not a fussy
baby, and goes to sleep so good for us.
She has made many friends here and loves Violet - her friend on the red couch.
We are so blessed to be here with Maggie and focus on her right now.
But, we are so, so, so ready to come home and get back to life. Beam
me up scottie !!!

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TanyaLea said...

Aaawhh...these pictures are great! (and that sunshine looks SO inviting was MINUS 20 here in MN today ~ yuck!)

I love seeing how Maggie is softening and starting to trust more and more each day. She is such a beautiful little girl and I love the infamous "red couch" photo...she's adorable in her Chinese silks! I'm sure you are ready to be home now though. Praying for safe and comfortable travels!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Debbie said...

The pictures are great! I'm so happy to hear that things are going well. Only a few days left! I can't believe it's time for you to come home. I know you're ready to be back.

sweet momma luv u said...

Great pictures!! You guys do look like you are relaxing and really enjoying yourselves. Maggie is precious and so cute on the Red Couch!

Where are you guys staying off the island? Just curious as we start planning for our trip.
: ) Jody

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