Thursday, January 7, 2010

Passport and Visa

We finally got Maggie's Chinese passport and American Visa today.
That means we can finally leave and go home.  Yippee !!! This was the
final thing we were waiting for and it means an end to paperwork
(except our post placement adoption paperwork).
We visited a GuangZhou museum today.  I have no idea what was in the
museum because Maggie fell asleep once we got there.  Of course, I did
not bring the baby carrier and they would not let us bring the
stroller.  So, we found a chair and let Maggie sleep while we watched
people.  We got a lot of stares.  I have not written about the Chinese
clothing police.  No, not real police but women of all ages telling me
that Maggie is a Chinese baby and I need to put more clothes on her.
Like eight layers or something.  We put tights, onsies, pants, shirt,
jacket and hood on her when we went out and about,  but obviously not
enough.  We even had some women feeling Maggie's hands to see how cold
she was.
I also have not written about how crazy the drivers are here.  You are
really risking your life in a cab.  There seems to be no rules and the
cab drivers drive CRAZY ! I swear I thought we would wreck about
twenty times  - no lie, really wreck and crash and here we are with a
baby in NO car seat and no seat belts.  Crazy, crazy driving !
We said good-bye to almost all the families today.  I wish we could
have gone on with them to Hong Kong tonight, but we fly to HK in the
We had a slightly different schedule because we booked our own flights
with our Skymiles.  Oh well.  We fly out early to Hong Kong in the morning and will
spend some time with friends that live there now.  They are also
adopting through AWAA and can't wait to hang out with their family.
Then we fly out early SAT. ( your Friday) to AMERICA !! I can't wait
to hug and kiss Walker and Will and not let go of them.  I miss them
so much !! We are counting down the hours till we are back home
together as a family of FIVE !
Maggie is doing so good.  She really opened up today and we saw a
different side of her.  She was laughing and smiling and making a
funny face and sound ( very silly).  She mostly does this when Chuck
plays and tickles her.  She is seriously already such a daddy's girl.
Right now, Maggie is playing on the bed with Chuck and just laughing
and smiling.  She seems very active and playful at night and more
fussy in the morning.


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TanyaLea said...

Yeah...the VISA is ready! Now you can come home and begin your new life as a family of "5"! I can't wait until we can say that!! :)

Take care and praying you have safe travels. Enjoy your time with your friends in Hong Kong. So glad to hear that Maggie conitues to open up more and more each day. God is faithful!! <><

Big Hugs,

sweet momma luv u said...

A family of % how wonderful for you guys!!! Soon... So gald you got her VISA!

Have a safe trip to HK and then home!
Anxious to talk about our kids and their SN's.
:) Jody

Kristen said...

Don't know how I stumbled upon your blog, but it's so great! We were just adopting our Ruby in Guangdong and stayed at the same hotel and had the same guide. I'm reliving it right now:)

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