Saturday, January 2, 2010

Medical Exam

Maggie had her offiial medical exam today. She weighs 20 lbs and has
gained all her weight back from her hunger strike. Everything went
great at the exam except that she had to get six vaccines ! The USA
has strict regulations on the babies getting vaccines before they go
home. We were really shocked that Maggier needed six because her
immunization recored looked caught up. Oh well. We gave her motrin
today and she seems to be doing great.
We ate at Lucey's again today. Yummy American food.
Maggie is doing so good. We saw lots of smiles today again and she
loves stuffed animals ! I was really surprised to see that she loves a
little stuffed bear. She kisses it and laughes when she sees it. So
cute !!!!


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Hope-ful said...

Okay, my favorite picture thus far! You are so beautiful holding Maggie while leaning against the wall. This picture truly captures your beauty and shows a woman happy, content, and at peace. LYL, Hope-ful

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