Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's Up With The Headband ?

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I get asked A LOT about Maggie's headband.  Most people think I just love headbands  and that Maggie just wears big bows and headbands everyday for the fun of it.  This is funny to me because I do not like headbands ! I don't think they are that cute and they always seem a little over the top ( in my opinion).  Which makes it all the more funnier that Maggie HAS to wear one every day until she is at least five years old when she can get a bone anchored hearing aid ( BAHA).  Until then, she will wear her headband every day, hot humid weather and all.

Maggie's headband is just a simple way to keep her bone conduction hearing aid on her head.  She can not wear a hearing aid in her ear for two reasons.  First, the cochlea in her normal ear does not work so a hearing aid would not help that ear.  Second, her other ear is closed and tiny (microsia/atresia) and so a hearing aid can not go in a closed ear.  So, the bone conduction hearing aid is just perfect for Maggie.

I am often asked " how does she keep that thing on, doesn't she pull it off " ?  Nope.  She does not mess with it at all.  Amazing isn't it for a 19 month old.  Maggie knows she can hear with her headband on and she likes it.  She will stand very still with her head bent forward and wait patiently for me to put it on.  She loves her headband.  In fact,  if it slips down over her eyes she will just pull it back on her head.  It is her" miracle".


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the headbands- I'm usually not a huge fan ether, but in this case I can't imagine Maggie without one- it 'completes' her (and all of her snazzy outfits!) She looks adorable and just like a lil Southern Belle with her big, flashy headbands! Loving it!

Jboo said...

What a sweet little girl -- she is beautiful! So happy that the headband aid is working so well for her!

Hope you have a great week.


Annie said...

It is awesome that they are able to come up with a very clever way of wearing her hearing aid, with such a natural "look". She is beautiful with her headband and is blessed to have it! I really love that she is aware of it's importance to her day, that is amazing.

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