Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Praise the Lord !  We were able to give Maggie about 250 mls of the glucose solution today.  She even stopped fighting with us and allowed Chuck to give her the syringe.  Maggie started actually pulling the syringe into her mouth and guzzling the solution !  We tried to sneak a bottle in, but she threw it up.  The orphanage director is sending a package with her bottle, formula and rice cereal and we should get it tonight or tomorrow.  We are praying she will take her bottle then and she will start to feel better soon.

Our guide - Winsi - is the one that called Maggie's orphanage and requested help.  The Director of the Orphanage called today concerned about her and wanted to see how she was doing.  I am so grateful for everyone that has helped us.  Especially the UAB International Adoption Clinic  (Dr. Chambers and Leigh Ann).  Dr. Chambers said that she has never seen an Orphanage  help out this much. We are making progress but still have a weak and sick baby.  Please continue to pray for us and Maggie.


Jodee Leader said...

The poor little thing! I hope she is feeling better soon. Hang in there!

Tami said...


I have been off blogs since Christmas and just now starting to catch up....yours is the first!

First off...Congratulations!!! Your daughter is beautiful:-).

I'm sorry Maggie is grieving so hard. You wish they could go through all this without experincing such a loss, as I know how your heart breaks for her. This is a good sign (even though it's difficult to look at it this way right now), she has strongly attached to someone, PTL, and she will attach again...this time to her forever family and the ones she will learn will NEVER leave her!!!. That was my mantra in my head along with prayer in China when I was dealing with the rejection and anger from Sophie. Thank God she's starting to take some nutrition, and the orphanage is doing so much. God will get you and sweet Maggie through this.

Winsi was our guide in g-zhou too!!! She's THE best, isn't she?? Definitely knows EXACTLY what to do in circumstances and seems to get you through things in record speed.

Will be praying for healing on Maggie's heart and strength for you all. He IS with you and will provide.

Lots of love and hugs...

The Straight's said...

I know it sounds weird, but have you tried to give her a sucker or candy to suck on. This may get her to at least start putting something in her mouth. Is she even attempting to take the bottle? If she is and just doesn't "like it" be sure that you are mixing cereal into the bottle to make it thick and very hot. You will have to make the hole on the nipple bigger. Oh and you may try to get her some Wahahas to sip through a straw. She might be able to suck through a straw and they love the sweet Wahahas. Your guide will know what these are. Good luck and hang in there...

sweet momma luv u said...

I pray that she will start to feel better soon and start eating some for you. I feel for you.

Big Hugs.

TanyaLea said...

We have been praying faithfully for your family, and will continue to do so. I'm glad to hear that Maggie is willingly taking her medicine now though...that's definitely a good sign! I just know that some major breakthroughs are in the making!! Hang in there and keep leaning on eachother and the Lord to pull you through these difficult days.

Love and hugs,

The Richerts said...

Praying for you here in CA. She is a beautiful girl. So glad that you got something in that precious little mouth. Hard to believe that we met our little one just a few weeks ago in that same room!
Barbara (awaa)

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