Friday, December 25, 2009

Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping !

Today is much colder than yesterday. It is 10 degrees F. Also, the
smog is not so thick and the wind is really blowing. But, you get a
little used to it and we have many layers of clothes on which really
has kept us warm. We mostly stayed indoors today and will tour more
outside on Sat. and Sun.

We are just about over the Jet Lag. I can tell a big difference in
how I feel today. Yesterday, I was ready to go to bed at 3 PM and we
finally crashed at 7:30 PM.

We went back to the Pearl Market and the Toy Market. I felt a little
braver and really bargained for some cool stuff. The sales people are
very pushy to get you to buy their goods and some even tried to pull
us over to their stalls. It was kind of crazy at one point ! We felt
like the Seagulls in Nemo - Mine, Mine, Mine !!!

We found some great Chinese Lego sets - COGO- and bought a set for
Will.(Sorry Will, no Batman Lego sets). We also got Walker some great
stuff too.
Chuck had fun looking at all the electronics again and I loved the
apparal Market.

Tonight, we are going to the Kung Fu show and it will help us to stay awake.
Only 3 more sleeps till we get Maggie !! Can't wait !

Merry Christmas !


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Gavin's Family said...

Thank you so much for letting us tag along on your trip with you.
You guys look like your having such a fun time and it makes me want to be on our way to Gavin so bad. With LOA behind us I know we are getting closer.
Hopefully spring will be a little warmer~HaHa!

Waiting For Bella said...

Hey guys!! Merry Christmas!!! You two look like you are having a wonderful time. Glad to hear you are recovering from the jet lag. It can be horrible!! Enjoy your time and stay warm. We had a great day today and are cozying up together tonight at home. Be safe and again Merry Christmas!!

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