Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Summer Palace and The Great Wall

We met most of our group this morning at breakfast. Some of the
families are flying in today and we will meet them later. It has been
so neat getting to know all the families and talk about our little
We started the day off at The Summer Palace and it was freezing !
Chuck got some beautiful pictures of the different architecture and
paintings. We had our first group picture there too.
Next, we went to a Jade museaum and learned all about Jade. Very
interesting ! Then, we went to a Chinese dinner ( more American than
traditional Chinese) that was served family style. All the food was
placed on a lazy susan and shared. Everything was delicious and not
too different than what we are used too except the fish was served
with the head and all - YUM !
We drove about an hour north to The Great Wall. It was really much
colder there ! We climbed a portion of the Wall and the mountains
around it were beautiful. It was quite a hike up and the steps are
very uneven. There were many Chinese woman in high heels - very
Last, we drove back to the city and had a traditional Beijing Roasted
Duck dinner also served family style. The duck is served with
"pancakes" and you assemble it like a fajita. I wasn't to sure about
the duck, but all the other food was very good and a lot like our
: Walker and Will - We miss you so much !! I hope your having fun
playing with Brantley and Olivia. Two more sleeps before we get Maggie
!! Wow !

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Debbie said...

Great photos! Great Videos! Merry Christmas! Watching your journey is making me very excited about our upcoming trip. Have fun & stay warm. :-)

Waiting For Bella said...

Love the photos!! Wow, the Great Wall looks amazing. And you guys look like you are staying warm by bundling up. Can't wait to see Maggie in the upcoming photos. We are praying for her to transition well. So exciting!!

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