Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Randomness.

We had Black eye peas, bar bq, sweet potatoes, and sweet tea for New Years dinner. 
 Chuck cooked it all and it was so very good !   (We like ketchup on our peas)

We got Maggie the Loving Family doll house for Christmas and she loves it !
  It is the cutest doll house and the furniture is so fun. 
 Maggie loves to put the baby in the red wagon and pull it around.

The baby swing is adorable too ! 
 She also loves to put the loving family daddy in a chair and have him sit at the kitchen table and eat. 
 Maggie signs "eat" to the daddy.  Hmmm....

Someone left a box of Crackers out in the living room.
  Maggie thought it would be fun to spread them out all over the floor and dance on top of them.

Maggie's little hands holding her bottle.  
So sweet.


Nancy said...

Oh your black eyed peas for New Years brings back so many memories of my Granny so long ago! Hop-n-Jacks? Or something like that?
Thanks for the memory!

Mama Hen said...

We like salsa on our peas. Gives them a little kick.

Sorry about the crackers. Looks like my house.

I love your chicken placemats!

Anonymous said...

Now that's some good lookin' Southern grub right there! Love the paper plate with the fancy fork and placemat. Miss ya! :)

Annie said...

That doll house is precious. I have a little girl who loved her doll house. She is now 15. :) Well, I will be able to enjoy those moments again soon.

By the way, I love those sweet baby hands. Something so special about those chubby little hands!

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