Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Ideas

So, Stefanie from Ni Hao Y'all has a little fun Christmas Linky party going on. You can post about Great Christmas present ideas and we all can share. Sounds great to me, because we will probably be in China at Christmas time and I need to get shopping !!!

Here are some present ideas for ages 6-12
My boys would LOVE these !!!

Amphibious Remote-Controlled Tank from Vision Forum


Age Range: 8 Years and Older
This Super Power 4-Wheel Drive Amphibious Chariot storms across sand, grass, or concrete, and—with a touch of button—effortlessly transitions from land to sea as the wheels fold in and the propellers power-up, transforming it from a fast battle tank to a amphibious combat vehicle in a matter of seconds! This all-terrain, remote-controlled vehicle also features an onboard cannon which launches airsoft bbs up to one hundred feet. From Land Tiger to Water Dragon, this is the ultimate toy war machine!

Detective Communicator Watches (2-Pack) from Vision Forum

Age Range: 12 Years and Older

These lightweight, two-way communicator watches are a great tool for staying in touch with your fellow operatives in the field. Whether you’re on a commando raid or a black-ops reconnaissance mission, you can quickly signal your partner with the latest find or directive concerning your maneuvers. Fully functional as both a digital watch and two-way radio, these sleek units are designed for immediate use in your stealth adventures. Features include: auto squelch, internal VOX, backlit LCD display, lithium ion battery power source, 12 hour AM/PM wristwatch, and an adjustable band. Range up to 1.5 miles. Multi-channel functionality. The perfect tool for coordinating your covert operations. Set of 2.

Fun Ride Super-Z Zip Line from Vision Forum
( I have always wanted one of these )
Age Range: 6 Years and Older

Grasping the handle of his Zip Line, your adventurer can soar off into the air on a wire stretched from tree to tree, down the slope, defying gravity in his ride to the end of the line. With a cable length of 90 feet and a weight limit of 250 lbs., the Fun Ride Super-Z Zip Line will be a long lasting favorite for the whole family. The cable is made of steel-stranded aircraft wire and has a super tough, resilient trolley to create a smooth, swift ride. Your set will come with a mounting platform design plan, tensioning device for easy setup, and a one-year limited warranty for endless hours of outdoor fun. So, hang on, take a big breath, and fly!

Jonathan Park Goes to the Aquarium from Vision Forum

(4 CDs)

My boys (and I) love listening to the Jonathan Park series. We have almost all of them, except the new ones. We have all learned so much about science and it helps make long trips enjoyable
( without watching movies !). I really love these !!!


Mama Hen said...

Matt received the remote control amphibian thing last year and it was a big hit!

We have a zip line also which is a great toy for girls and boys.

Chelsea Gour said...

My boys, now 13, love everything they have ever gotten from Vision Forum. We had a zipline for years and it was a huge hit with all the kids in the neighborhood! And, we LOVE Jonathan Park! Great choices!

Gavin's Family said...

I love the zipline idea. We live in the woods with lots of hills, the kids would use this a lot.
BTW Kathy, I think the new title and pictures is so cute.

Stefanie said...

Oh man! Those are some good ones!! I'm gonna have to check out that zip line, we used to have one and the kids LOVED it... but that was a few moves ago ;)
Thanks for all the great ideas!!

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