Friday, September 11, 2009

Golden dragon Acrobats

Last night we saw the Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats perform at Auburn University !

The Golden Dragon Acrobats are an internationally famous troupe from Hebei, China. The company has traveled to over 65 countries on five continents. They have won several major awards over the company's history, including the National Association of Campus Activities Entertainer of the Year Award and the Campus Activities Today's Performer of the Year Award.

They were amazing !!! Of course, I forgot to bring my camera....

The last act was the most incredible and nerve racking thing I have ever seen. An acrobat man climbed I think 10 chairs and did some amazing acrobat stunts at the top of the tower of unstable, very high chairs. Amazing,Amazing, Amazing !!! Did I say the acrobats were amazing ?? And the Chinese woman were all so beautiful and graceful. We really enjoyed the night. If you get a chance to see this * amazing * performance you will be so AMAZED !

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Gavin's Family said...

Sounds very cool! Gary had some friends at work tell him this is somthing we have got to do when in China.

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