Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Home Study Here We Come !

I really wish I had some great new news on our adoption. But, I don't. However, we ARE about to start our home study process. So that's exciting ! I'm waiting on our social worker to contact us and then we can start the process. I am hoping this will be a somewhat painless and non complicated thing. But, if not - oh well...we will endure the long drawn out process. Since we are starting the home study process it does mean that we are taking tiny, little steps to our little girl. Every time I put a check mark on my adoption-paperwork-to-do-list I think we're just getting closer and closer. My paperwork came back from Montgomery unharmed and was safely delivered to my front door by a very nice Fed X man. I was very glad to see him. I was scared I wouldn't be home when the papers arrived and Charlie would chew them up !!! That would be a VERY BAD THING ! Please pray for my fingerprint clearance to come soon. Chuck's came 2 weeks ago, but mine have not. I am starting to get worried that something is wrong with them.

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Tami said...

Exciting! I'm sure things will go well with the homestudy...it's actually pretty neat, as it's (at least ours was) pretty introspective.

We're getting ready to renew our homestudy, as it expires on the 31 Dec. I can't believe a year has gone by. I sure hope we won't have to do this a 3rd time!

As far as the fingerprints, I can't offer anything there, as my husband and I received ours the same day. Maybe your agency can offer some advice?

Lov the picture of the boys in their boots!

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