Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting Some Practice In

We are keeping Gabe this week while Diane is somewhere I can't pronounce - on a ship - and probably practicing her Kareoke routine. Gabe is such a sweet little boy ! It has been awhile since we've had a high chair in our kitchen . This is really good for our family. The reality of having a little one around again is different. The boys are having to get used to doing school with Gabe playing cars nearby and we have had to have diaper change breaks. Walker is very protective over Gabe and doesn't want him to get nearby anything that could harm him. I hope they will be protective and this loving to our little china girl ! I know they (and us) will have to get used to all the changes a baby brings, but it will be a sweet change to our lives. We can't wait till that blessing happens !

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Oatsvall Team said...

have fun w/ Gabe and enjoy the practice ... your paperwork picture gave me a slight twitch ... lol ... i can't wait to start it again ...

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