Monday, November 10, 2008

Camo and Tutu's

Actually, Camo and Tutu's would have been a good name for this Blog. The boys are working really hard at trying to get a Buck. Chuck is into Bow hunting this year and has been in the tree as much as he can. No, he hasn't gotton one yet...but stay tuned ! On the other hand, I am not obsessed with hunting, but with pink, really cute tutu's ! Yes, I know it is way too early and premature to be bying little girls clothes, but I am LOVING the Tutu's !


Tami said...

Thanks for following our blog....I just wanted to stop over and say 'hi'.

Oh, I can really relate to this post....being blessed with two boys that are definitely 'all boy', I soooo long for all the frills, hairbows, dolls and such that come with a girl;-). Honestly, if our daughter turns out to be tomboyish, that's OK too....she'll definitely need some of that to keep up with Nate and 'O':-)!

God bless!

Anna S said...

Love the pictures and the blog. You really are a beautiful family! In our prayers,

tumbleintodreams said...

You have a beautiful family! I love your passion for tutus! Cami was given one as a gift and sometimes now she even wears it to bed! LOL! I look forward to following your journey. sherri

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