Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding Fashion review by Maggie.

Maggie was inspired by some interesting hat choices from the Royal Wedding.  Hats are so fun aren't they ?

 I've never seen such creative and fun hats in all my life.

Here is her rendition of the blue hat worn by...well, I have no idea who this lady is. 

While I think blue is a beautiful color, I think this hat lacks a certain feminineness, don't you think ?

Oh! Much better. 

A wide brimmed hat is so beautiful and regal.
  Understated and simple.

I think Maggie agrees.  
You can't go wrong with a simple, wide hat 
( and four random necklaces). 

Thankfully, it's ok for a two year old to over accessorize !.

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Mama Hen said...

Too funny. Actually I think her rendition is better than some of those ladies. I love hats though and I wish we wore them here.

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