Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to Grayton Beach.

We went camping again at Grayton Beach.  
The weather turned out to be really good with no rain.

To me a perfect trip has biking and the beach.  
And that's just what we did every day.

That's not a pool, that's the Gulf of Mexico.  Isn't it beautiful ? I don't think I have seen it that clear in a long time. 
 No sign of oil either.

This was Maggie's third time to go the beach, but her first time to go in warm weather.  She did not like to walk in the sand, but she loved to play in it.  She also loved to be in the water all day !!

I bought these cleap, pink flip-flops at Target before we left and Maggie LOVED them !

We biked to Watercolor, SeaSide and Grayton beach. 

 It must be noted here that Walker and Will have new bikes because their old bikes fell off the camper bike rack in Elba, Alabama.  Rest in peace old bikes, we will miss you.

We spent several days hanging out in Sea Side at the ArtsQuest Art Festival.  Really cool art and bands !!

I made Maggie's outfit ( seersucker) and will be doing some sewing posts soon to review patterns like this one that I love.

Chuck's dad was one of the artists at ArtsQuest this week. 

 He does beautiful wood turning and has won many awards for his work.

Maggie's naps were always on the go poor thing

Short post today. Maggie is starting to really pitch some good fits and we have had to start dealing with them. Not fun.  At All.


The Gang's Momma! said...

Beautiful pics. Looks like a great time for breaking away and relaxing.

As for the fits and tantrums? Would love a post on just how you are dealing with them... Li'l E is stronger willed and stronger personalitied than the older four ever were and some new tricks in my bag would be welcomed :) I think I'm boring her with my stand-bys.

By God's Design said...

Oh, I think we were at the beach at the same time! We were there during the Seaside Arts Fest. Would have been fun to finally meet. We said the same thing about the water ... hadn't seen it so beautifully clear in a long time! Glad y'all had fun!

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