Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Potty Training Day 1.

My goal this summer is to potty train Maggie.  She has been waking up with dry diapers,she can sign potty and understands that is where you go.  She's been casually sitting on the potty every night before bath to get used to it.  How hard can this be ? Apparently,  this may be difficult because Maggie prefers to do the Chinese squat when she goes to the bathroom. Insert picture of Chinese bathroom below.  This is how it is done in China.  I took this picture at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

So far Maggie is floor trained ! She goes right when I take her off the potty all over the floor.  Ugh !!!

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Nicole said...

Oh we had the same thing ...all over the floor!
Pei is a sugar maniac so I placed a container of skittles in the bathroom.So with every successful trip to the potty you got a skittle and a lot of clapping and cheering! (To bad I am to old to be cheerleader I think I missed my calling). It worked like a charm! But not without at least a few more accidents :) Now mind you I had Ava and Pei both being trained at the same time ,so everything was x's 2!!!!
So long training pants, hello big girl panties!!!!!
You go Ms. Maggie!

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