Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maggie gets a birth certificate.

Do you hear it ? A big sigh of relief.  I finished my last adoption paperwork and I now hold in my hands an Alabama Certificate of Foreign Birth ( aka a birth certificate ).  

The mother's name is Kathy and the father's name is Chuck.  So awesome ! Now, all you adoptive parents are nodding your head ands saying "yes" !

This is what Maggie thought of it.  

She was not impressed, but I was.

 This picture has nothing to do with her beautiful birth certificate.  

She was just telling me she was cold. Cool !


Jodee said...

Congratulations! Maggie is just precious! I love her dress too!

Rachelle said...

We still have not done the birth certificate thing. Must. Do. That. Maggie is such a doll. Just precious.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Where on EARTH do you get her clothes? Too cute.

And we haven't done the adoptive birth certificate either. Of course, our state doesn't require a state certificate for documentations, they are good with the adoption certificate from her province. But it's so expensive and we've just not prioritized it. I'm on the fence.... Is that weird? Or wrong? I don't think about it that often, to even know!

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