Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do you have a tornado plan ?

There is a high risk for a significant outbreak of Tornadoes in our area today.  It is a very ominous threat and the weather forecasters are calling it a "major tornado outbreak" and other words like "a well organized system" and "a great threat" and " a high confidence in the forecast".  In other words, be prepared to go to a safe place when you hear your NOAA WEATHER RADIO go off.

We have gone over our family tornado plan with our children, checked to make sure we have batteries in our radios, flashlights are near, cell phones charged and helmets available.  We take this threat very seriously.

We have personally seen what damage tornadoes can do and know that having a plan is wise.

This is our safe room.  It is on the lowest level and in the center of our house.  It also has no windows which makes it even safer.   We have lined the helmets up in case we have to seek shelter and the boys each have a job in case we have to put our plan in action.  Hopefully, we won't have any bad weather here.  But, just in case, we are ready.  Are you ?


Waiting For Bella said...

Sheesh Kathy....this weather will set you on edge huh??? We have been hearing the warning also and I thought about our weather radio just this morning. It is great to have a plan! Good for ya'll!!

Hope it misses us both though!! Hang in there tonight....It may be a long one :-)

Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous plan- and very well articulated. I'm praying that you won't get any bad weather. I was born and raised in Tornado Alley, and sometimes we shrug them off because there are so many around here, but you have incentivised me to get a plan like yours- wonderful job!

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