Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Alabama Tornadoes.

April 27th, 2011 was a day we will all remember.  Not because we want to.  There are 162 deaths confirmed in the state of Alabama and officials think the number will be rising.  There are still search and rescue operations going on.

Yesterday, I watched as a huge tornado went right  through Tuscaloosa and barely missed Chuck's parents house and his brother's house.  All we could do was watch in horror and pray.  Then, we watched as the same tornado went through Birmingham and the surrounding suburbs again very close to where my parents and my brother's live.  We watched and prayed and I was a basket of nerves.

That night the storms reached our area, but thankfully went just to the north of us and we were spared.  We did use our "safe room" two times when we went under a tornado warning.  I was so proud of the boys as they knew exactly what to do and Maggie thought it was "fun" to wear her pink bike helmet.

Join us in prayer for all those affected by the tornadoes yesterday in what is being called one of the deadliest natural disasters in US history.


Shonni said...

We are so sorry for all of you and the others who have lost so much and we are praying.

Christina said...

I second that. What a trajedy. But praise God that He sustained and protected you and your families!

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