Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She Was Very Quiet.

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Maggie drew her first wall "masterpiece" today when I wasn't looking.  She really loves to color with a crayon and doodle on paper.  Now, I think her medium of choice is a nice, painted dry wall.  The good thing is that her fine motor skills are much better and she can hold a pencil and draw. I think she did pretty good with drawing a straight line too.  The bad thing is that now I have to be more diligent about pencils, pens, markers and a little girl who can climb and draw !


Courtney said...

Oh my. I find that with young ones, it is not always good when there is silence. Hopefully the Magic Eraser will take care of that.

Kelley said...

Magic Erasers do work wonders. I'm so glad you took a picture of Maggie's masterpiece before cleaning it up! She does lovely work!

Nicole said...

She is an artist in the making!!!!!
Thank the lord for touch up paint!

Rachelle said...

I know all about these quite moments. I have a few walls that could use a little paint...

Jenny Diedrich said...

Can i ask where you got her dress? Adorable!

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