Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Loaner Hearing Aid.

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Maggie is wearing her loaner hearing aid and although it is a little big, IT WORKS !  And what it lacks in style and cuteness it makes up for it in function.

 Maggie has started back to babbling and making sounds.  Finally !  It has been a while since we heard her babble and I was missing her sweet, little baby girl voice.  In fact, it sounded like she said "elbow" tonight.  She has a little quirky thing about "talking" to my elbow.  We showed her that she also has elbows and now she keeps pointing to her it.  Very cute !


TanyaLea said...

So glad the loaners are working and functional... I can only imagine how sweet it was to hear her sweet voice and baby babble again!! :) She's growing so much already, and is as BEAUTIFUL as ever!!

Blessings and Hugs,

sweet momma luv u said...

Praise the Lord that they work and she is beginning to babble and talk!! That is such wonderful news Kathy. She is just as beautiful as ever! It does look like she is growing some. I adore her cupid bow mouth!!!


Kelley said...

Oh I'm so glad the loaner hearing aid is working! Yippee!!

Waiting For Bella said...

PTL!!! So glad that the loner is working!!

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