Monday, July 26, 2010


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We finally got Maggie's hearing aid back last Wednesday, only to quickly find out it is still broken.  She has not been able to "hear" for over three weeks ( maybe longer) and her language has gone way,way,way down.  I am struggling with feeling very frustrated !  And, the engineers in Switzerland don't know how to fix it.  They know there is a problem with their bone conduction hearing aids, but can't seem to figure out the solution.  The company is making new hearing aids that hopefully will work, but they won't be available until September.

So, we are heading to Birmingham on Tuesday to try a loaner hearing aid on a metal headband.  Please pray that it will fit her head ( they only have one and it is not a small) and that it will stay on.  We desperately desire Maggie to hear and talk.  It has been like a hard jab in the stomach knowing her hearing aid is not fixable right now.  It also made me so much more thankful for her hearing aid and the ability to hear.  Never take for granted your children's hearing and talking.  It is a precious thing that you don't realize until it is not there.


Kelley said...

Oh Kathy! I'm hoping that you'll find a solution soon, and that the other headband will fit! Hang in there!

sweet momma luv u said...

Sending you lots of prayers and a wish for a miracle that the hearing aid will fit until you can get the new one. How is she doing with sign language? Maybe you have already tired it and I missed the post. She at least could communicate with you when there is something wrong with the hearing aid.

She is so beautiful and adoarble..... it must be really hard though to see her going inward. I struggle along those same line with our girl with Autism. Yes she talks but if you are not constantly engaging her you find her in her own world.... it is sad.

Big hugs,

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hope things work out and soon...

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