Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Time

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We are officially starting  our summer break today.  The boys will still have to read and do a page of math every day which they remind me about a million times that it's summer and they shouldn't have to do math or read.  They have worked so hard in school this year that a couple months off of doing nothing will not benefit, but hurt their studies. ( I am not popular around here right now).

Maggie is starting to really babble and "talk".  She works so hard to get sound out of her mouth and it just is the cutest thing ! Sometimes she "talks" for a long time, just babbling away about something.  I started asking her questions and she replys with a  little ughhs and ghaas.  Nothing recognizable, but she is breaking her silence and we are so amazed at her.  She really likes to "talk" to Charlie the dog - so funny !!


Mama Hen said...

We must be living parallel lives because I am quite the unpopular one around here also. Friday was our official last day, but we are taking three weeks off. I have some jobs to do around the house and VBS, but then we will be back at it. I have one child who thinks this is the greatest injustice in the world.

Waiting For Bella said...

Happy summer break!! Hope you guys really enjoy it! How are you doin? Sorry I haven't emailed, we have been so busy as I'm sure you are too!! Hopefully we'll chat soon! Much love....

Cheri said...

That babbling is GREAT! Very much needed before she starts forming words. So excited she has found her voice. :)

Annie said...

We just have one more week of school and then summertime for us too! I look forward to not waking up at 5:30 am (school time for high schoolers) ugh! We are excited for summer fun and travel!
so glad to hear that maggie is babbling answers! She is responding with making sound, that's great! She will thrive in your care.

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