Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Magic of Camping

We're one of those families that loves to go camping.  And for us, camping is Magical.  Kinda' like Disney Magical.  We have done our fair share of tent camping with and with out babies and loved it !  We recently bought a Pop- Up camper and took it out to Cheaha State Park in Alabama.  We had a great time and I thought I would share some of our pictures and a little why camping is so magical.

Eating pancakes and sausage cooked outside by Chuck.
Homeschooling outside on a huge rock.
Gorgeous views !  This is Bald Rock.  The elevation is 2400 feet and it was a long way down.
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Camping is a great multi-sensory place with lots of rocks,dirt,sticks and flowers and Maggie loved every bit of it.

Lots of family time to read in Genesis about how God created everything,
Maggie learned how to pick wild flowers and she would walk around with it in her hands.  So cute !
Lots of smiles !

Hammocks !
Visiting the highest point in Alabama.
Seeing a green friendly snake.
Remembering that your brother is your best buddy !
Jumping off a high platform into Lake Cheaha again and again.

Getting dirty and playing with sticks.
Refreshed and energized.
Go Camping !!


Monica Hawkins said...

So glad you guys had an awesome time. It looks so relaxing and it looks like precious family time. I have to admit the snake freaked me out a little bit. I love Maggie's "Maggie" outfit. I really need some of that fat cheek sugar soon. :)

Waiting For Bella said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! You guys look like you had a really great time! The sunset photos were unbelievable!! Loved those! Glad you were able to go and relax. You guys should do that more. Think of you often.

Many Blessings!!

Stefanie said...

Look at Maggie go!! She is doing GREAT!!
And I am crazy about that darling picture of her getting her little verse on... may I PLEASE put that on the Wild Olive blog??

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