Friday, May 21, 2010


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Maggie's new favorite food is Breakfast Casserole ( eggs, cheese, sausage and bread all baked together).  She loves it !!! It is amazing to think that just about a month ago, Maggie was still eating stage two baby food and taking four bottles day with formula and rice cereal just like she did in the Orphanage.  It has been a slow process to get her on solid food.  But, she is making up for lost time and loving it !

 She still won't eat cheerios , but loves to bite on chips.  Doesn't make sense ?  I think she is a little picky, and just has her mind made up on what she likes.  OK, maybe a little strong willed too !

I finally switched out her bottle nipple to a regular sized hole. If you will remember, she has been using a nipple with a huge opening. It would take her about two minutes to guzzle her bottle down.  This is how they did it in her Orphanage and we continued it for a while while she got used to us and solid food. Today, she got her first bottle of JUST formula ( no rice cereal).   It was so sweet to watch her drink her bottle.  I was able to hold her much closer and it took her about 15 minutes to finish her bottle.  Much better !  She was able to make great eye contact as she drank and I smiled ( and cried) and told her how much she is loved.  All the while I rocked her in the same rocker/glider that I nursed the boys in. It was such a sweet, bonding time.  And, I know that she missed so much holding, rocking and touch as a baby.  It made me so sad for her, but so happy that we have Maggie now and can try to make up for all that was lost. We are praising God for all the miracles we are seeing in Maggie's life - many, many more miracles than just her eating breakfast casserole !  I will share more later...


Suzanne said...

Oh, I know that precious, precious bottle time. I absolutely loved that with Cate. You are right; it is such an incredible bonding time. I got way more bottle time than I ever dreamed and I will always be grateful. That was such a gift from the Lord. I will pray for many, many more bottles, lullabies, rocking, lovin'and prayers.

So happy for you!
From one momma to another...blessings,

Monica Hawkins said...

Good Job Maggie! So proud of all that God is doing in Maggie's life. Rejoicing with you.

KT said...

I am so happy she is eating solid foods now! Chuck can tell you how worried I was about that nasty formula/cereal concoction...I knew once she tried the good stuff she would love it!
KT :o)

Waiting For Bella said...

Those cheeks are so adorable! Glad she is eating well and so glad to hear that you are having that bonding time. Isn't our God good?? I love Him and I am so thankful He has given you Maggie to love!! Be Blessed!!

Cheri said...

Oh this is awesome news! I can't wait to hear what else has been going on.

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