Monday, March 15, 2010

Perfect ?

I love Blogging about Maggie and our family. It allows me to journal about our day to day life and all the crazy,beautiful memories I don't want to ever forget. Because, really.  How much do I want to trust my mind to remember what my children looked like on a warm spring day or the funny way Maggie pokes her lip out ? I used to scrapbook, but that was so 2008.  Now, it's  much easier to upload some pictures and type away.  But, since our blog is open to everyone and anyone I have to sensor what I say and what pictures I post.  Hence, it may look like we have a "perfect" life going on here in Beamsville.  That is obviously not the case and I don't know anyone with a perfect life or family.  Don't get me wrong, we are so BLESSED and I love my life and family.  I just felt the need to explain that we are a normal family with normal children.
And we have our moments.  Ok there. I said it. Done.
Sometimes it's just the simple things.  Maggie loves her easter eggs. She thinks they are colorful balls to play with.  We have been practicing getting things out of containers (occupational therapy) to strengthen her hand and eye coordination.  It seems when you are in an orphanage, lying in a bed all day with no toys, you have consequently poor fine motor skills.  Maggie has great gross motor skills ( she can climb stairs, sit, walk a little, stand,etc), but her hands still need strengthening.  She has come a long way though.  In China, she could not even hold a toy and would drop anything placed in her hand.  She can hold toys with great ease now and switch them from right to left hand.  Maggie will start occupational therapy with Early Intervention soon and they will come to our house for her therapy.  Awesome.
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This girl is limber ! It is amazing how flexible her legs are.
Maggie is officially a Ball Park Baby. We are at the ball park almost every day now for practices and games.

Maggie loves Charlie, especially when his little nubby tail wags right in her face.  She is learning that "dogie says woof !" in speech therapy. When I ask her where is the dogie, she looks for him and smiles.

This is not the best picture of Maggie with her cute purple car ( thanks Kathy T. !).  She just would not cooperate with the camera.  Every time she sees me with the camera, she drops what she's doing and crawls over to touch or lick the camera. So, right now, I am not getting a lot of cute, smiley Maggie pictures. Just lots of blurry, cute, smiley Maggie pictures.  Anyway, if you could see how SWEET Maggie is pushing her baby doll around in her car.  She will push it all day, all around the house. She loves it ! That is, until she hits a wall.  Then she just keeps hitting the wall until I turn her around.  So funny !

Lastly, I am very happy to report that after two months of bath time misery, Maggie loves her bath ! I mean really loves it !! Now, she wants to just sit and play, spin around in the water, kick her legs with joy and splash her hands.  She loves to play with her bath toys and almost jumps into her bath at night with wild delight.  Thank you Lord for this breakthrough and for our sweet, beautiful daughter.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Love it... and very normal :)

Debbie said...

Precious family! So happy to read Maggie is doing so well. Ethan loves his bath now too. He will run to the tub when I'm filling it up and just watch the water. He gets the biggest smile at bath time.
I'm so glad our babies are home and learning! What miracles. :-)

Mama Hen said...

So glad bathtime is better. I bet that was stressful just thinking about it. You have a beautiful famiy Kathy.

Gavin's Family said...

Love to see updates from your family.
Your boys are so funny and that baby girl~cutie pie!
As far as being normal, is any family "normal" any more and what is normal any way?

Heather said...

I just ran across your blog and I just have to say that Maggie is one perfect little baby. I couldn't stop looking at those pics. She is sooo cute and should be in a catalog or something! Congrats! Lovely family!

Sara said...

What a precious family! Perfect is all in the eye of the beholder, and your littel kiddos look pretty wonderful to me ;)And, I agree, blogs should reflect our hearts, and not necessarily our shortcomings. My favorite blogs are filled with joy and encouragement, with a measure of reality sprinkled here and there

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