Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Learning So Much.

Maggie found out how to play "Ring Around The Rosie's" the other day and boy does she love it ! She wants to do it over and over.  
Thankfully, Will didn't mind going round and round and getting dizzy...and of course "falling down".
Maggie is also learning how to rock in her little rocking chair.  Oh, how she loves it !  She also loves this little purple octopus that we play many games with over and over.  I let it walk up her tummy and when it gets to her neck I say (eeeek ! - part of her speech therapy).  She then laughs and waits for me to do it again.  I also hide Mr. eeeek and let her find it - also another new skill.
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This week she figured out how to roll a toy with wheels  When she figured this cute purple elephant rolled, she held onto it all day and just switched it from her left to right hand.  The little handle made it so easy for her to carry all over the house.

And, this is our little cutie walking a couple of steps by herself.  She really is steady on her feet, and not afraid to walk by herself.  It won't be long and she will be running !
These new skills may not be that exciting to anyone else.  But, they are milestones for Maggie.  Only two short months ago, she was sitting on a hotel bed in China staring at her hands and had no clue what a toy was.   It was very obvious to us that Maggie had never played with a toy.  She didn't have a clue what a toy was and was happy just touching wood,feeling a chair or playing with her hands.  We have had to show Maggie what playing is and how to play with toys.  She is a very quick learner and has NO problem playing now.  At first, we would get just one toy out at a time so we wouldn't overwhelm her.  Now, her room is scattered with toys and she has so much fun playing and laughing !  Sometimes, I find myself just watching her play.  It's like watching a light come on when there was just darkness.


TanyaLea said...

Kathy, this is a beautiful post...I find myself wanting to break out in praises for the wonderful things He has already done in sweet Maggie's life. I remember your time in China very well, and your precious girl has come a LONG way from then. What a blessing to witness. I would do the same as you... just sit back and marvel at how far she has come, and take in all of her sweetness as she learns and plays!

God is good!! <><


Monica Hawkins said...

It is so exciting to watch precious Maggie. What an encouragement to us as believers to see the analogy as lights come on where there was once darkness. Just as she is discovering we too discover each day how to live in the love and joy of our heavenly Father. Thank you Maggie for keeping the light always before us. We look forward to watching more light unfold each day for you and for us. "The unfolding of your Words gives light. It gives understanding to the simple"
Pslam 119:130

Karrie said...

Yeah Maggie!!!
It warms my heart to read about her progress. Keep up the good work Mommy!

What a cutie!!!

Karrie in IN

Gavin's Family said...

Such a sweet post!
Your boys are really getting the hang of being big brothers to your little girl.
As I follow your progress with Miss Maggie I can also see how her eyes just even look so much happier now. Keep us in the loop with those milestones she is meeting.
Love the outfits BTW!

Suzanne said...

Dear Kathy,
Oh, what joy! Though Catherine was 13 months old when I brought her home, she still had trouble sitting up, was not crawling or pulling up. She, too, wasn't quite sure about toys at first. I even remember watching her try to push a lever on a toy and she couldn't do it. But, oh, getting to watch her grow and blossom and explore...what a delight! She crawled at 14 month to the day after arriving home and she was one happy baby. I also remember the morning I walked in room and she had figured out how to pull herself up and hold onto the crib. It was as if she was just waiting for me to walk in; she was beaming with pride. She took her first steps on the 4th of July but decided crawling was more her speed and didn't start taking off until she was 17 months. So glad to read about Maggie's triumphant steps on her journey. Yay, Maggie! You can hear your pride and joy in your words. The Lord is good and His love endures forever.

AWAA momma of Catherine Elizabeth
Born Jiangxi, China March 2006
Home, April 2007

Hope-ful said...

Just a note to all reading. I have had the privilege of playing ring around the rosies with Maggie. With low back pain and aching knees and hips I COULDN'T KEEP UP!
= } Hope-ful

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