Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Schooling In The Summer


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We have moved to the kitchen table this summer for our school work. I have been working on a summer " schedule" to help the boys stay on track with their school work. They worked so hard all year, I don't want them to loose it ! So, our loose - summer schedule is: Morning - Reading short readers (some Rod and Staff Bible and Nature Readers), one page from their math book (Math-U-See), and One sentence dictation. Afternoon - Weekly library visits and we plan to spend a lot of time outside on the slip and slide, trampoline and at the pool. Science will be: observing nature outside (bugs, the stars, rain). In the evening, we plan on bike rides, trips to Calloway garden and lots of T-Ball games at the ball park. Evenings will be cooking out hamburgers, home-made ice cream on the back porch and read -a-louds. (We are currently reading Caddie Woodlawn) I'm also doing a little extra chore training this summer, so I can add onto the boys daily chore chart in the fall.


Mama Hen said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. We are taking June off and then starting back in July. I have ordered a couple of things from Rod and Staff, but mostly coloring books and little girl books for Abbie. We are going to start the Apologia Astronomy in July and I can't wait. Oh, and math. I have learned too much about fractions just to forget it over the summer:)

Oh, and Caddie Woodlawn in on my personal reading list this summer!

AA said...

Great call with keeping them engaged and academically active in summer. Have you ever looked into Online summer math camps for your children?

Anonymous said...

I loved Caddie Woodlawn when I was their age! Its a wonderful book.

Hope-ful said...

Wow! Kathern! You amaze me. If only I had been this diligent when my young 'uns were young 'er. LYL, Hope

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