Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Boys are in the kitchen !

I went to Williams-Sonoma today, one of my favorite stores. I picked up this cook book for kids (Cooking Together). It has some great, healthy and fun recipe's that are all kid friendly. This is really a wonderful cookbook and the boys are loving it ! They were so excited about cooking their own snack tonight and picked out a recipe - "hummus & veggie cones".

First, I cut a tortilla in half and the boys spread hummus on it. They think it is so fun to spread anything that is messy or gooey.

I cut up a cucumber from our garden and the boys helped to peel and grate some carrots.

Walker was our official carrot peeler and grater and make a fabulous mess out of it !

They put the sliced cucumbers and grated carrots on the tortilla. Then, I rolled it up to look like a cone. Very healthy and yummy ! Gotta love it !

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