Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fingerprints - Done !


This picture was taken right before we went into the building to get our fingerprints done. Of course, Chuck was there too- he's the one taking the picture. I was very nervous since I don't have a good track record of doing adoption paperwork. On top of it all, the building only said "Application Support". I thought at least it would say "Homeland Security" or something else more official. So, I was freaking out we were at the wrong place and we were going to miss our appointment, have to reschedule through snail mail and it would be 2010 before we would be DTC. But, alas, we were at the right place. We were told to leave purses, cameras and cell phones in the car and only bring our paperwork and ID. As the only American family in the building, we were all in for an educational day. There were people from all over - India, Mexico, France, England, Italy - a real melting pot in Atlanta. I am sure they were wondering what we were doing there ! So, after waiting about an hour and showing our fingertips to three different people ( to make sure there were no cuts on our fingers), we proceded to get our Biometrics done. A very king Chinese man took my fingerprints and my boys loved watching my prints show up on the computer. I think I asked him several times " Did you get them all, are you sure ?". (still nervous that any little thing can delay paperwork for months !)
Now we wait on ONE more form to come in the mail, then we have to certify and Authentcate that one little form. THEN !! We can be DTC !!!
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Mama Hen said...

Yeah!!!! I know you will be so relieved! I kept asking my guy the same thing when we got our fingerprints done, but they weren't as high tech as yours. We just went to the police station and had them done.

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