Monday, December 22, 2008

What To Do With Boys....

What do you do with two very active boys, a dirty house, lots of dirty laundry, and freezing weather outside ? This is a very important question, because the pre-Christmas boredoms have hit my house. We've watched every Christmas movie at least 5 times since Thanksgiving. We decorated the gingerbread house this morning, played Battleship and assembled several Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones pieces. We slept late, ate a big breakfast and cleaned up some. You would think that would be enough for one full day, but all that was done before lunch ! Of course my idea of a fun filled pre-Christmas day would be to clean out all the closets, shine the stainless steel appliances and organize my closet according to color. I'm sick I know !!! hehehehehe !!!!


KathernsfriendHope said...

My Dearest Kathern Ann: We have been gone five days now and I am so grateful for your blog spot. It is making me less homesick. Hallelujah! on the the fingerprints getting "unstuck". I was "hope" full that this would not be delayed too long. On what to do with two wonderfully active boys . . . let them create more messes in the house so you will have something to do in cleaning them up.:) At times like these I pull out the "greatest hits" activities. Re-visit the old ones that are the favorites and they will love doing them all over again. i.e. the shaving cream on the table writing. I love you, KathernsfriendHope

Tami said...

Oh, do I KNOW where you're at!!!

Why is it adults crave orderliness and children (especially boys) thrive in chaos?!!

We've got 2 feet of snow.....that's my saving grace right now:-).

You can always have them string some cranberries or popcorn for decoration....maybe make some paper link chains or cut out snowflakes. These seemed to help me during these...."there's NOTHING to do" moments:-).

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

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