Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Speech/hearing Updates

 I thought it was about time for some updates on Maggie.
Hearing Aid update:   Her BAHA hearing aid is working great. It has not broken at all which is amazing because Maggie is a three year old little girl that loves to play hard.  We just switched out her headband with a new black one.  The company that makes it (COCHLEAR) just starting selling the headband in new colors so we were happy to get a color that matches Maggie's hair a little better and does not stand out so much.  It also doesn't velcro like the old ones which is nice too. 

Maggie's hearing is in the normal range with her hearing aid on and in the severe hearing loss range without it.  She loves it and asks for it immediately after her bath and in the morning.  If I have to change the battery, Maggie will get very agitated and upset that she can't put her hearing on right away. It really is a miracle !

In about a year and a half Maggie will have surgery to place the BAHA on a titanium post on her skull.  It will allow her to hear even better and she won't have to wear that headband any more.

Speech Update: Maggie's speech is still very delayed but improving steadily.  She has just started putting two words together and some three word sentences.  Some of her favorites are : Snow White, Blue ball, Balloon popped, I want, All done, My room, Hot dog, Ride bike, I'm stuck ( my personal favorite) and Read book. We are just amazed and so happy at her progress !

The long e vowel sound is very hard for Maggie along with the s, and sh.  She goes to private speech/ auditory verbal therapy once a week and sees the speech therapist from the public school once a week.  Maggie works very hard and thrives in a "school" atmosphere.  The girl loves to learn and has a love for flash cards like I've never seen ! 

I can understand just about everything she says, but other people may not.  Signing is still a big part of her communication, but she usually signs only if you don't understand her. Maggie still loves to sign and enjoys watching her Signing Times Video.

She's still very clingy a.k.a Velcro Baby.  But, she was not clingy at all at the beach. It was like she was all grown up and did not need me at all ! 


Stacy said...

Do you have a problem with her Baha falling off the snap? Our son has bilateral Bahas and we never had a problem with his unilateral Baha falling off but since we've had the custom bilateral they fall off easily. The plastic abutment piece is different and the Baha sticks out further. Our son LOVES his Baha,too!!!!! His speech should be much further along than it is. So glad to read your update!

Kathy said...

Hey Stacey, Her Baha has fallen off the snap two times and it scared us really bad. I think Maggie was running and fell both times. It was amazing that we were able to find it in the dark and among rocks ! But, thankfully it usually stays on really good.

Stacy said...

We received a replacement headband but it still seems to fall off easily. Maybe it is because he is pretty rough and tumble. I have tried to take it off when he goes in the backyard with our two older kiddos but he just cries and cries and cries because he wants it on! I would love to see a new video of your little ones' progress in speech. We are still struggling in that area.

Michelle said...

This is so wonderful to read Kathy! The update on Maggie and reading that she will be having surgery~ I know it's been a while since we have contacted each other, but I from time to time I look over your blog and enjoy watching your family grow.
We are about to head to China and bring home Sholey Joy. All we are waiting for is our Article 5 and then travel dates.
So glad that you guys are doing great~ Take care and please give Maggie a hug!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness I was excited to read the update of Maggie~ So glad to see that you and your family are doing great. It's been a while since we have been in contact with each other, but I still check your blog from time to time~
William & I will be leaving soon to bring Sholey Joy home. All we are waiting on is are Article 5 and then our travel dates! We are so exciting and can not wait to have her in our arms!
Please give Maggie a hug from people she has touch with her smile and her joyous life~

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