Sunday, April 1, 2012


Maggie found our Tinkertoy construction set that was hidden away in the playroom. ( Not sure why it was hidden?)  She knew exactly what to do.  It was the perfect toy for her little hands to explore and create.

I wish I would have thought about sooner, but sadly I forgot about this classic toy.
 It sure made me smile thinking about all the hours our boys played with them and now Maggie is enjoying them.  Love it !

This picture has nothing to do with Tinkertoys.
 Just a Daddy that adores his little girl.


Annie said...

Tinkertoys! A blast from the past! What a great building toy for kids. I wish I still had some for my littles.

Nikki said...

Her outfit is so cute!

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Cheri said...

Would you by chance be collecting quilt squares for 100 wishes quilt?

God Bless,

Cheri Lail

Nancy said...

It has been a while since I've checked in. You girl keeps getting prettier if that's even possible! Glad to hear all is well and she is putting it all together!
nancy-of the cray 9

Annie said...

Hope all is well! You've been so "quiet" all summer and now it is almost fall, my friend!

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