Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Best Camping Vacation.

This was our Beach House for five days. We stayed at the Topsail camp grounds in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. 
It was beautiful and very kid friendly and we had so  much fun !
The fact that Maggie actually walked to the beach all by herself and was not clingy was a huge bonus. She really didn't walk, she ran to the beach with a huge smile on her face. 
Made this beach loving mama so proud.

We visited Rosemary Beach one day. It is such a unique Beach town that is more like a European country outing with beautiful architecture and plenty of bike riding paths. In fact, everyone here rides bikes to the beach and little quaint restaurants. 

Lots of cute shops.

And lots of great photo opportunities.
  (If only my children didn't complain so much about having their picture taken. )

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The weather was perfect, and my children played together all week on the beach.   These big shovels from Target were a hit !


g!oW said...

What delightful pictures and what a lovely family you have.
You are truely blessed!

Annie said...

Hi Kathy,
So wonderful to see Maggie walking along to the beach like a big girl! My husband has been looking for jobs back in Auburn area. Wouldn't that be neat??

Wife of the Prez said...

Oh my word, thank you for sharing! We are looking for a campground in that area for the fall! Can you give me more specifics like a website link pretty please? I think I may have looked at this one. Is it a FL state park?

We stayed at Grayton Beach State Park last time and it was nice but we thought we might try something a little closer to the action. Is this in Rosemary Beach?

Sorry for all the questions! And hey, we should meet up in Alabama to go camping sometime! I'm sure our boys and girls would have fun! I know I'd love to meet you too!


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