Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Beds.

Jake, Maggie's cousin, let us borrow his toddler bed so Maggie can transition out of her beloved crib. When we set it up in her room, Maggie did not like it at all. She cried if we tried to sit her on it and would not even get near the bed or touch it.  

Maggie does not do well with new things sometimes.  So, we have to give her time to get used to the idea of something new.  I figure she will be in her crib for several more months so she can take her time and make friends with her new bed.

Now, she is very proud that she has two beds !
  And Maggie loves to play on her bed, but not lay down, yet.

She also loves to jump on her bed. 
What little girl doesn't ?

For now, she will let Minnie sleep on her big girl bed.
 ( We do a lot of pretend play)

Maggie also like to put her (fake) lipstick on while she's on her bed.  Too cute !

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Mama Hen said...

I love her little outfit in this pictures. I bet she will warm up to sleeping there pretty soon

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