Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Big Catch up post.

I am quite behind.
So, I decided to just do a big random catch up post.

I am always trying to get a good picture of all the kids together. You know, a picture where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. 
 I figure one day I'll  get that coveted picture, right ?

Maggie playing on my bed. So cute ! 
I love her messy hair look.

We took a trip to Tuscaloosa to visit Chuck's parents.

And we saw first hand the devastating damage done by the tornadoes. It was unreal.

Maggie loved to water Nin's plants with a cute, old watering can.

She was also fascinated by Nin's bird bath.

When we got home I put Maggie to work watering the flowers outside.  She truly is "mommy's little helper".

Besides watering flowers, she also loves to help put the dishes up and "clean" anything with a washcloth.
 Not sure what to say about this picture. 
 Maggie and Chuck love to be so silly !

 Our little garden is really growing.

The kids love to help harvest vegetables. 
 Maggie especially loves to eat the tomatoes.

 I made this cute dress last night.

 Here's the back.  

And one more attempt at a group photo.


Mama Hen said...

When you figure out how to get a great group photo, let me know! :)

The dress is so cute. I love the material contrast.

Stacy said...

Just curious...what do you do with your banana peppers? We have TONS of them and I just keep throwing them into our freezer until I can figure out what to do with them!!!

The Gang's Momma! said...

I love how you just throw that in, there. "I made that last night." Heh. I don't know if you know this or not, but that's not something that everyone can do, girl. Just "make that up" on the sewing machine.

It's adorable. Simply adorable and I am very impressed. I'd likely sew my hands to the hem. :)

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