Thursday, May 28, 2009

We Finally have Our Biometrics Appointment

We received an e mail late last week that an appointment has been made for us to get our biometrics done. So, we will all load up and head to Atlanta to get our fingerprints done next week. I still have not received anything in the mail yet informing me of our appointment, but hopefully it will get here soon. Yeah !! We are making progress !! Maybe we will be DTC by late July/August ????
I am so antsy for the new shared list to come out. Even though we will still not be eligible, it is such an exciting time. Well, off to take the kids to the pool, and then Walker has his last baseball game of the summer tonight. Their team is ranked number one and will play in the championship games on Saturday ( all day !!). Then, Will starts T-Ball on Monday. Lord have mercy ! I live at the ball park now !


Mama Hen said...

Exciting news! Let us know when it all unfolds.

Congrats to Walker. That's great and now t-ball starting. Whoo-you are a better woman than me-Scouts is all I can handle.

Hope-ful said...

Hey Kathern Ann: It has been a while since I have been able to check your blog. LOVE the improvements! I caught up on my reading of your posts and smiled to hear about your support group at the eye doctor. It made me think, "what if Walker didn't have any eye problems, then you would have missed out on this encouragement you need." Always seeing the conflicts and circumstances as God's loving hand in your life is my new hobby. I love you!!!!! Hope

Hope-ful said...

P.S.: What is "biometrics"?

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