Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend the boys went to Eutaw, AL for a couple of days of fishing,
4- wheeling, go-carting and tubing ! Lots and lots of testosterone !!

They had a great weekend and got back just in time to see me dance
in The Creation Story.

This picture was taken on dress rehearsal day. I have no pictures of me on the day of the ballet. I was so nervous, I forgot to take my camera. So, just imagine.....
I was the earth, an artist painted my face very tribal looking and my costume was very earthy ( brown and green). I had to pull my hair back tight around my face and hot roll my hair ( like I did in 1985 !). The ballet was incredible and somehow I managed to remember my dance and dance in the finale. The Creation Story was all about God creating the sky, water, earth, flowers, animals and Adam and Eve. It was an amazing production that told of God's Love through his creation


Mama Hen said...

I didn't know you did ballet? Wow!

Tami said...

BRAVO Kathy!!!!!!

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