Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Home

When I'm not stalking, er..I mean visiting, adoption Blogs, I love to visit This Blog. I like how it focuses on decorating * cheap *. I am inspired. So, here are some of my favorite things around the house, which were very cheap - I love that ! Disclaimer: I did not clean up before I took these pictures. This is our life - legos everywhere, the boys make up their own beds, and a little dust is perfectly fine.

I found this funky, bright orange table on vacation several years ago. I knew Walker would love it ! His favorite color is orange. Have you ever tried to find orange things for your house ? So, I picked this table up for $15 and hauled it home.

We love books around here ( especially the beautiful Caldecott books). I found this great little bookcase at our local antique shop downtown. It was sitting outside just waiting on me to buy it. The book shelf is right by their bedrooms so it makes it fun and easy for the boys to pick out their books at night.

My husband and his brother slept in these twin beds (also bunk beds) when they were little. They started off a very 70's wood color. I had them painted and
distressed to look a little Pottery Barn-ish. The boys especially love these beds because their dad slept in them when he was little. Somehow, this helps them at night if they are having a hard time sleeping.

I love our fireplace. The mantle came out of an old barn (all we did is rub it with BREWAX), the barn stars are from Hobby Lobby, the candles from Target and Chuck killed the pheasant in South Dakota.

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The Nester said...

Love the orange shelf. My 11 year old son would love it too! You and your husband look so familliar--did you go to school in SC?

Congrats on the adoption, how exciting!

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