Sunday, January 18, 2009


Home Study
Our wonderful social worker has finished writing our home study report ! Now it has to be finalized by my adoption agency and then sent to ICPC. Our report is eleven pages long and very detailed ! It was so wonderful to read and to finally have it done.

Chinese Consolate
We sent all of our current Dossier documents to The Chinese Consolate in Houston, Texas to get Authenticated. I was very nervous sending them and I know the people at Pak Mail think I am a freak ! I had this weird feeling I was going to mess something up. There were two pages of instructions from the Consolate about what and how to mail it. Anyway, they were finally put into a Fed Ex envelope and taken there by Fed Ex on Monday and arrived on Thursday. On Friday I get a phone call that goes something like this:
Caller: Herro (imagine a thick Chinese accent), Is this Rathy ?
Kathy: Yes, this is Kathy
Caller: We received your papers, but you rowe us $240.
Kathy: Oh, I am so sorry ! I thought when it said $20 per document that meant per envelope. I will send the money right away.
Caller: I will rait on it.....

Really, where is my head ?? I feel like I am loosing it lately.

Now that my Home Study is done I can apply for the I800A. This will allow us to bring our Child to America. It takes about three months to process the I800A.

Prayer Requests
Please continue to keep our family in your prayers. We have a lot going on right now. The adoption paperwork is finally coming together, but we are still trying to find out how to finance the adoption. Also, we are having to change some things around in our schooling and it is a major shift for me and the boys. We also have many friends that are loosing jobs and really being affected by the economy. We are encouraged by the Hope we have in God. We serve an AWESOME GOD and know that he is our provider and our comfort !


Mama Hen said...

Yeah Kathy! I bet that feels so wonderful to have all the homestudy done. You are one step closer to your baby girl! And I am with you on the financing. As soon as we get our homestudy complete we are going to start applying for grants and such. I've still got lots of research to do on all that though.

Tami said...


getting that homestudy done is one big step forward:-). You're getting closer!!!

We just had our 1 year update done last weekend. Definitely not as involved as the first.

I'll be praying for your family in your transitions. It is scary out there with all the job losses. Nobody is 'secure' anymore, no matter what the industry.

Bobby and Julie said...

Yippee, Yahoo, and Yeah!!!!! I know you are thrilled. Congrats!! Let me know if you need any help on your I800A. The wait is the hardest part.

We are creatures of habit and do not usually encourage change. Try to allow the changes in your life to make you more dependent on God. After all He is Everything we need, right??

The job thing is affecting lots of families here too. We have been blessed so far and Thank God for that. He is faithful!!

Saying a prayer for You and your Family!! Congrats again!!


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