Thursday, January 29, 2009

A litle bit of China !

How exciting ! I received my Dossier paperwork back from the Chinese Consulate in Houston, Texas. Every page has this beautiful stamp with a shiny silver seal. I have no idea what it says. The only English on the seal is " Beth Chapman" ( who ever that is ??? I thought it was funny because the only Chapman I know is Mary Beth Chapman - Steven Curtis Chapman's wife !) I love that I finally have something from "China", even if it is a seal on a piece of paper ! It just means we are getting a little closer to holding our little one. She is already a part of our family in so many ways. Last night we imagined her running through the house laughing and playing.

Well, finally I have gotten a little organized and put all my adoption paperwork in a nice, neat file system. The piles of paper were really growing and I was scared I would loose something (which I am known for !).


Mama Hen said...

Yeah Kathy! Girl, you need to come to my house, that file box looks great!

Bobby and Julie said...

Kathy - We too spend lots of time imagining what our life will be when our sweet baby girl finally comes home. It will be a blessed day for sure. Praying that we both see their little faces in 2009. Take care!!


Tami said...

It's so neat to see that document, making everything look and feel official!! Our agancy did all that for us so I never saw the authentications. They do look impressive.

greeneyes said...

hi.... i pray that you will be blessed with all the things that you wish for....

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