Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The IRS and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

How's that for a title ? 
This is what Maggie thought of the IRS audit !

 The government has a wonderful adoption tax credit for qualifying adoption expenses.  So, we kept every receipt, cancelled check and statement that had to do with Maggie's adoption just in case we were ever audited.  And this was the year the IRS decides to audit almost everyone that has adopted recently. Which is funny to me because after you have gone through all the paperwork, Hague, governmental,adoption, jump through hoops yah yah  - you just kind of go with it. I think it is safe to say that if you have adopted Internationally, you are pretty organized now with records and paperwork and the IRS is not so intimidating.  Let's pray they think my record keeping is as good as I think it is !

And then if the IRS wasn't enough, Will had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Last Monday he went to a farm with Chuck and a friend. Then two days later we noticed two ticks, but three bites.  We extracted the nasty things and then prayed, researched tick bites and kept an eye on him.  He has had tick bites before, but for some reason this time we were worried. On Friday he started getting a bad headache, and Saturday he started running a fever and had joint/muscle pain. By Sunday, Will was feeling very bad and had nausea/vomiting along with the fever/headache/joint/muscle pain. I am so thankful his doctor was aggressive and we admitted him to the hospital for IV antibiotics because he couldn't keep anything down.( Usually, you can treat RMSF with oral antibiotics  - Doxycycline - and it is very effective). 

He is doing great now and bouncing off the walls. Thankfully, we caught it early and were able identify it because we saw the ticks.  It is very treatable, but unfortunately the symptoms of RMSF are much like a virus or flu and can go untreated  which can be fatal. So, we are praising God for His protection once again over our children. 


Suzanne said...

Maggie's expression is exactly what I thought when I got my letter from the IRS too!!! :)
Yep, just one more thing.

Praying Will continues to heal quickly.


Shonni said...

Yes, irs - frustrating!!!
And so sorry about Will - I have always of of RMSF, but have never seen it. Hope he feels better soon.

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