Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We take Maggie's hearing aid off for her bath ( it can not get wet) and then usually leave it off  while she plays a little before bedtime.  This gives her head a rest from the elastic band she has to wear everyday and from the constant amplified noise she hears through her hearing aid.  But, this means that she can not hear one of her favorite things - music.  The girl loves music !! She even has started asking for her hearing aid so she can listen to music while she is in her crib ( she does not wear her hearing aid for naps or bedtime).

One day, she stumbled upon a way to listen to her music without wearing her hearing aid - the baby monitor.  The receiver is in her room and was picking up her cd player playing her favorite signing times cd.  She could hear it faintly through the baby monitor, but when she held it up to her ear she could really hear it clearly.

She played and played while she listened to her music.  Maggie was so happy to have found out this new way to hear.  I don't think she will let anything stop her from experiencing life to the fullest !  

Maggie continues to amaze us.  Sometimes we just sit and watch her and are in awe that this is the same silent baby we met in China.  Before and After pictures constantly run through my head as I hear her tell me she loves me and that she is thirsty.  This little one that is so smart and determined. A miracle right before us. 


Lesa said...

That is wonderful!!! Our Children are amazing aren't they?

Joanna B said...

That is so sweet! Our daughter does the same thing with anything that makes music, holds it up to her ears. We haven't gotten her hearing aids yet, but we are working on it. She was born in March of 2008!

The Gang's Momma! said...

That is stinkin' adorable! What a clever, ingenious little girl you have.

Li'l Empress is totally into music also, and is always asking me to turn up the radio or iPod. She sings and massacres words like nobody's business (but nails the tunes amazingly quickly!). A part of me wants her to NOT learn the words:

"Ah may ding Grace, how twee da sown, dat saybed a wetch like meeeee..."

Yeah. It's precious, isn't it? :)

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