Thursday, March 17, 2011

Her Best Friend.

 Maggie was given many gifts before we even left for China to bring her home.  Little did we know how special this one gift would be.  

Our good friends from The  Employee Pharmacy gave Maggie a stuffed Minnie Mouse and it has become her very best friend.
 She hugs and kisses her all the time.  She makes her crack up laughing and Maggie drags her around everywhere so Minnie won't be left out. 
When I lay Maggie down for her nap, she will play with Minnie for about an hour before she gives in to sleep.  We usually hear lots of loud laughing from Maggie's room during nap time because Minnie is hanging upside down or turning flips in her crib.  It is so funny !
 And, while most parents take for granted that their child has a favorite stuffed animal, we don't.  We know that Maggie went fourteen months with out a special friend, toys or much interaction.  

The only thing she could sleep with or have in her crib was a white wash cloth in which she comforted herself by rubbing her lower lip on. ( This is a fairly common practice in Chinese orphanages).
So, we love Minnie and we're so thankful Maggie has a sweet best friend that's always around to play with and comfort her.  
Disney World will be so fun to go to one day !!!


Christina said...

Stinkin' adorable! Did you know that Violet was given the same Minnie for a gift, too? I can't say she likes it as well as Maggie, though. How precious! :)

The Gang's Momma! said...

How cute. We have some pics of Li'l E holding a similar MM, in China. It didn't come home with her, though.

And I know what ya mean about the self-comforting techniques. Li'l E's was to snatch at her hair while sucking down a bottle. Left some tough little spots to cover with the rest of her hair on the one side :( Now, she's completely attached to her "wubbie dubbie" and her pink puppy. Other friends make appearances and come and go - wubbie and puppy are forever :)

The pics are adorable. SHE is adorable :)

Waiting For Bella said...

Love the pics in this post!! And how sweet that Maggie and Minnie are best buds! She really is growing and is beautiful. She has always had the most precious little lips and cheeks. Hope ya'll are doing well and maybe that trip to Disney wont be too long in the future!!

Big Hugs!!

New Mommy said...

What a lovely post Kathy, I sat here and read it and cried. Our girls are so precious!! What a blessing that they now have a special best friend to love and be comforted by. Ansley's is a red teddy bear from the Gap. He goes to the dr with her, church, Target, out to eat, and he sleeps with her at night :=)
Maggie is a beautiful gift from God and I know you are soooo proud of her!! Love and miss y'all.

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