Monday, November 15, 2010

The Basket Girl.

Maggie is so funny some times.  Really. You just had to be there.
She walked around all night with a laundry basket on her head. And then played like usual, except she had a huge blue basket on her head.
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Cracks me up !!  Excuse the messy living room. It looks like this most of the time though - sippy cup on floor, turned over grocery cart and random toys under the chair. Love it !


Debbie said...

I don't know what it is with little kids & baskets. Ethan loves them too. He will go in my room, dump out any clothes that are in there, and push it into the family room. The other day he pushed it into the kitchen (upside down) and then climbed on top to get something off of the counter. WHAT? How did he learn this? His sisters don't do that. Oh this boy keeps me running. LOL

Jen said...

Too Cute!!

Jen said...

Too cute!

Annie said...

Joshua loves baskets too! When he was 2 -4 years old, on his insisting daily, we played "baby in a basket". He would hop in the basket (with or without laundry!) and I would have to walk by saying, "I sure wish I had a baby. But I don't. If I had a baby I would be so happy. Wait a minute. What's that in the basket over there?? It's a baby!! Come out baby! Will you be my baby?? 'yes'! Now I have a baby to love forever!"
Oh how he loved that game! Even now he still wants to play it on occasion, but he will be various animals in the basket, usually a T Rex who needs love. :)

Anonymous said...

Funny! reminds me of my Gao girl, now 10, who use to sit in the laundry basket while daddy pushed her around! Then she would "hide" underneath it! Those memories are so precious!

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