Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Will's front tooth... What's left

Well folks... you don't have to be a radiologist to read that X-Ray!  

Yep, Will broke his permanent front tooth off below the gum line.  Let me stop here and let you know that my mouth aches and it's not even injured!  Will has to be up dark and early in the morning and we will be headed to see the oral surgeon.  He will be put under anesthesia and the roots of the broken tooth will be cut out.  I know that made you cringe... me too.  So, you might ask..... what about the tooth and Will's probably, Lord willing, got 70-80 years to go!  Well, he will have to get braces and a bridge for now and later, when he's done growing, he'll have a permanent bridge or an implant.  Now I'm not going into either of those procedures because I might loose my supper on this keyboard!  So, pray for our sweet Will, he's a little anxious about the surgery tomorrow (Maggie too...she's got the gross green slimy nose!).  We know it could have been worse and we are blessed to be able to get it fixed so quickly.  


Waiting For Bella said...

Praying for Will!! Hope it all goes smoothly and he recovers quickly.

I commented last week on Maggie saying Moma....but I guess it didn't go through. We were so delighted for you and gave God a big praise for what He is continuing to do in your lives. I know you had to be overjoyed!! It is fantastic!!

Big Hugs!!

Anna S said...

Praying for Will and everyone in the family. I've got good news though - my nephew Will also had is front tooth removed and wore a bridge. He now has an implant and is one very fine, handsome young man!!!

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness, it DID make me cringe! I hope the\at the procedure is as painless as possible. Is there an ipod he can take?
Nancy-of the crazy 8

The Gang's Momma! said...

Oh yeah. Been there. Done that. Waiting to see what will happen.

When Baby BlueEyes was only 4, he had a terrible accident that knocked him out of his shoes and knocked out four baby teeth in the top front gum. Two of the adult teeth are now in, with roots about 2/3 shorter than they "should be" - and significant discoloration. The dentist says it's just a waiting game. But he's had to go for check ups, x-rays, and so on every six months for almost three years. This last year they released him till the adult tooth loosens and/or dies on its own... a lovely thought indeed!

Glad he's okay and healing well.

And your post about "Mama?" TOTALLY made me cry. No sweeter word, huh?! Yay!

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