Monday, October 18, 2010

Advocating for a beautiful girl.

Please take a look at Ruby.  She is a beautiful girl in need of a loving family.  My heart is breaking knowing she will age out in three years and that she has had to wait so long for a family.  I have spoken to several families that have met Ruby and know her personally.  They ALL say she is a very sweet, thoughtful, smart girl and would be a blessing to any  family that adopted her. Her special need is very minor - a port wine stain on her face that could possible be lightened with a laser procedure.

Madison Adoption Agency is waving all their fees, she has an additional $3000 grant and then there is the $12,000 tax credit that is available.  She is also being advocated/sponsored by Love Without Boundaries.
Please go here for more info or contact Madison. ( I will be out of pocket for a couple of days)

Join us also in praying for Ruby.  Could she be your daughter ?

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Annie said...

I DID just recently see Ruby on the Madison yahoo group. She has a beautiful smile! There have been so many advances in treating birth marks. I hate to imagine that a pretty, healthy, intelligent girl may miss out on a family because of her birthmark. Thanks for advocating for her!

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